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Adobe invited me to participate in the prerelease programs for Flash CS5 and AIR for Android. I took some time and built a game for the iPhone called Fruit Smash Organic which is currently in the iTunes app store. While I love my iPhone, Apple sure does make you jump through some ridiculous hoops to get an app on it. Even if it is your own testing device! The biggest frustration I had was with just getting my game onto the device.

With the latest crApple news it was time to get my hands on an Android device. My Nexus One arrived yesterday (FedEx Saturday delivery FTW) about 4pm, and I had Fruit Smash Organic ported to the device and running beautifully by 7pm! That includes downloading and installing the SDKs, walking through a Hello World tutorial, charging the device for a little while, and making some minor code edits. Kudos to Adobe and Google for making the process easy instead of a nightmare.

Also, the game performance is great! It doesn’t even think about dropping below full frame rate, and easily out performs the same app running on the iPhone. I look forward to creating more games for Android using Flash!

Short 45 second video showing primary game play.

A slightly longer video showing primary game play and some secondary elements. And you can see the reflection of my and my flipcam 🙂


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