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ElectroServer 5.1 was released today with tons of updates that you can read about in the release notes. Aside from added examples and documentation, the biggest enhancements are noted below.

Bandwidth optimization
The bandwidth used for the most common message types was reduced significantly. It was already light weight but we were able to optimize it much further. In addition, messages can be set to automatically compress if over a certain size threshold.

Increased performance
We tuned the low-level messaging layer to achieve unprecedented performance. We’ve done testing to more than 100,000 messages per second with very low CPU impact (on EC2). This level of performance gives the server-side portion of your game plenty of room for its own logic to be executed.

JavaScript client API
A JavaScript client API was added to the arsenal. This is an important addition to the server to give it the broadest cross-platform reach of any multiplayer game server out there. ElectroServer has client APIs for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3, Java, JavaScript, C#, and Objective-C. These APIs gives developers multiplayer support for Flash, AIR, Unity, .Net, XNA, iPhone/iPad, Android, native browser, and more.

New Game Examples
This release adds two new games to the examples list.

  • Zombie Race – A real-time multiplayer Flash game. From a top-down perspective, 2-4 players try to navigate their zombie through the maze to reach the brain first!
  • Iron Mongery – This is a single player puzzle game written with a Java client. Other players can chat with you and watch you play your game.

Download the latest server and exampleshere:


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